The joy of creation, paintings by Mo Tuncay

Sometimes we meet painters who emanate the joy of creating their art. One of them is without doubt Mo Tuncay. This joyful manner can be seen not only in the artist's open, strong and honest painting character, but also in his attitude towards art.

"I cannot tell you how excited I was, when I discoverd the art of painting! As if all my life-experiences wanted to be expressed at once " Mo Tuncay

Mo Tuncay compositions are characterized by a harmonious, fresh color perfectly matched in the blur and stain of the artwork surface, in a light and sensed directionality of form, and ease of taking up the topic. The painter is not limited to one thematic thread, in a gentle and natural way he refers to his characteristic motifs.

Your biography says that you spent your childhood in your hometown in

Turkey. Do the culture, aesthetics and general climate of this region

still have an influence on your creativity?

Mo Tuncay: Very good question, I was born in a small village in Turkey between high mountains with snow on the top. Our village was surrounded by green fruit trees and with rich blossoms during the spring. As a child, my own village and the old buildings were my inspiration. I can still say you can find my village in some of my paintings.

In your artworks, you can often see nature inspiration. Do you paint

based on memories, imaginations or do you follow impressions from

places that surround you?

I do not use any examples or pictures for my paintings when I paint nature-based paintings, just my imagination from the past or what I see during my walks in Leusden where I live now.

What is most important for you in painting? What is the biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my girlfriend for the abstract ( semi-abstract works) she poses often in my art studio, she is a dancer and gives me the best feeling when she dances around me. ( check my painting examples “ Don't be shy “

Do you consider yourself a painter fully realized/ developed?

I will say that I am not a fully realized painter because I learn every day and I am still searching for things on the canvas till I am satisfied.

What plans and goals for the future?

Last summer I had an exhibition in Paris, in the future I would like to exhibit in London and Art Basel. In the future, I will open my own art gallery in Amsterdam.

You can find more about Mo Tuncay here

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