Harmony and unity with nature, Tidal Art by Angelika Weigelt

" Nothing and no one stands alone at any time“ Angelika Weigelt Angelika Weigelt refers in her art directly to regional nature, to coasts and tides that have an emotional and intellectual influence on her creativity. What first catches the eye is the sensitivity to the matter of this ecosystem, extremely accurate and sensitive observations. The artist shows a great understanding of nature's tissue, subtle changes at the micro-scale, but also the strength of the tides that affect the structure of the coast.

While watching her work, it is easy to empathize with the artist's impressions, to feel in them an unusual perception of unity with nature. Angelik Weigelt's paintings are created in a technique close to the tides. Countless layers of liquid pigments and complex superimpositions are combined to form of unique structure. Thanks to this, they are extremely organic and natural, close to the matter that inspires the artist.

This diversity and structure of the works encourage the viewer to move away and approach the work, this gives the opportunity to enter into the dialogue moved by the creator, the feeling of the whole visual message.

The artist's sculptures express calmness and an unwavering attitude. They are created directly on the Mediterranean coast. They represent a stoic attitude towards all difficulties. Alabaster sculptures carry the energy of change, quoting Angelika Weigelt " change is part of life " Info about artist and official website

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